About Us

We make beautiful websites and mobile applications!


We can make fast, responsive websites for your business. Whether you need an extensive eCommerce website, or a simple information and contact page, we can make it happen.


Crux Resolutions is capable of developing and deploying any Android mobile app needs. From business promotion apps, to complex apps we are able to create anything.


Crux Resolutions has worked with Apple to develop and publish iOS multiple mobile apps. With such a large audience Apple (iOS) mobile apps are the best way to have your app seen.

Our story

The idea behind Crux Resolutions was to create a business solutions company to make lives easier. It says it right in our name, we are here to solve your hardest problems. 

With years of experience in many arrays of business we are prepared to solve any issue you have!

crux /krəks,kro͝oks/
noun: the decisive or most important point at issue.
plural noun: resolutions: the action of solving a problem, dispute, or contentious matter.
jon woods

Jon Woods

After years of working in the government supporting various applications for the Veterans Affairs, as well as developing mobile and web applications for his previous company, Jon decided it was time to take his skills to the private sector. With the various experiences gained Jon can create or solve any of your mobile or web desires.

bryan woods

Bryan Woods

With a few engineering degrees, Bryan is prepared to tackle anything you can throw at him. With a main focus on Web Design and Mobile App Styling, Bryan is also a key component to product support.